Before your jump into buying the best maternity bra for you, make sure that you know your correct bra size, either by measuring yourself properly or by taking a quick look at our bra fit check, based on how your current bra is fitting.

Generally speaking, the additional breast volume you gain during your pregnancy shouldn’t affect your band size — at least not by more than one size up. It affects the cup size first and foremost.

This means that if you already have large breasts, you might have to go up several cup sizes, making it difficult to find a bra that actually fits.

All of the nursing bra models I’ve picked below go up well beyond a DD — some even go up to a cup size I or J. They’re also incredibly supportive and comfortable, and I’ve included a couple of models that are both supportive and nicer looking!

Investing in a nursing bra that fits you well is one of the best things you can do for your body post-pregnancy. Here are my top picks.

#1. Anita Maternity Microfiber Nursing Bra


Size availability: 32C – 44D — goes up to a cup I in band sizes 32 to 38. (US sizes)

Buy: Available from Amazon with free shipping & free returns.

This one’s a great all-around nursing bra for bigger busts. It’s a T-Shirt bra and looks like a regular T-Shirt bra, but it’s comfortable like you wouldn’t believe! The cups are unlined but the bra provides plenty of support, even for large breasts. See how the straps are rounded at the back? This is what takes the strain off you back. If you have large breasts, look for that type of back! I also love that you can wear this bra under any shirt and it’s nice and seamless.

#2. Elomi Smoothing Underwire Molded Nursing Bra


Size availability: 34 to 48, DD to H. (UK sizes)

Buy: Available from Amazon with free shipping & free returns.

This Elomi bra is only available in bigger sizes and specifically made for larger breasts. It’s the fullest-coverage bra out of these picks, and you’ll love it if you like the additional support of full-coverage bras. It also separates the breasts fully, making it way more comfortable and ensuring that they stay in place.

#3. Panache Sophie Nursing Bra


Size availability: 28 to 40, C to J. (UK sizes)

Buy: Available from Amazon with free shipping & free returns.

This might not be a subtle nude nursing bra, but it’s my favorite one in terms of looks. I love the pink and I love the lace. It’s a bit thicker than the Anita bras, but still absolutely comfortable. It also doesn’t have an underwire, unlike the rest of the bras featured in this list. Nevertheless it provides plenty of comfort, and it’s also the model that comes in the widest range of sizes. Keep in mind these are UK sizes!

#4. Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra


Size availability: 32 to 40, C to G.

Buy: Available from Amazon with free shipping & free returns.

Contrarily to what it might look like, this is a legit nursing bra. And it’s beautiful. If you’re looking for a sexy nursing bra that isn’t boring, look no further! I love how this bra is both functional and gorgeous. It’s not transparent; it actually has nude lining between the breast and the black lace, meaning it’s a full-on maternity bra that will prevent any leaking and keep the nipples comfortable.

#5. Anita Women’s Underwire Nursing Bra


Size availability: 32C to 42H. (US sizes)

Buy: Available from Amazon with free shipping & free returns.

Another classic bra, but a good one. This Anita bra is also unlined and seamless while providing plenty of support for larger breasts, much like the Anita Microfiber bra above, the top pick. This one comes in a subtle print which you might prefer. Anita makes some great maternity bras, and they last throughout more than one pregnancy!

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  • What do you recommend for the 8 weeks or so postpartum when the breasts are super full and haven’t reached a new normal? I’ve been told to buy a bra that doesn’t come in a cup size (but instead small, medium, or large) for the time after the birth when my milk comes in and my breasts are still figuring out how much milk to produce. I’m afraid the band will be way too loose if I go that route, but I don’t want to buy a bra in my current cup size since I don’t know what size my breasts will be postpartum. But I don’t want to go braless for 2 months, ha. Can you help? I’m a 36G currently and was fitted by professionals at a local lingerie boutique. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jamie! How do you feel about something like this wireless bra? Front closure, inexpensive, stretch material, and the sizing goes well beyond SML. They have a size 36-38 FGH which might do the trick!

  • Thank you for this! In desperation, I did a google search for “nursing bras for gigantic boobs” – ha ha – and your post was a top hit! I have the #5 Anita and like it a lot, though it stains easily (milk, lanolin, etc. Well, just those two things) so I have to hand wash it frequently, which is inconvenient when already dealing with piles of dirty baby laundry! Other than that though it’s a great bra. I’m going to check out that Panache one – it’s gorgeous. Thanks again!

  • I was told an underwire bra is bad for blocking milk ducts but I’d kil to wear one now as my breasts have gone massive since the birth of my baby!

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