If you feel like your bra is hugging you in all the wrong places and emphasizing your back fat, don’t blame yourself. Blame the bra!

This is because some bras will always give you “back fat” because of the way they’re made. And other bras are smart. They’re specifically designed differently from most traditional bras, with the goal of smoothing out your back.

I’ll start by going over my absolute favorite bra for minimizing back fat: the Bra-llelujah by Spanx. Then I’ll show you another option for bigger busts. Stick around until the end of the post and I’ll give you all my best tips if you’re struggling with this issue!

Top Pick: The Bra-llelujah By Spanx

When we think of spanx, we think of tight constrictive shapewear. This bra, ladies, is the most comfortable bra you’ll ever put on. It’s not shapewear. It’s smoothwear!

It’s not made from uncomfortable fabric and it doesn’t suck you in. What it does is smooth out any fat on your back, sides, and even shoulders.

The best thing about it is that it gets rid of any frustrating bulging and gives you a smooth look.

The second best thing is that it’s so comfortable that you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing a bra.

Here’s what it looks like.

Brallelujah by Spanx: Best Bra For Back Fat
Bra-llulujah by Spanx

This is the best bra for minimizing back fat for several reasons.

Front-closure: Do you see the clasp on the front? This is a front-closure bra, which means that the back is 100% smooth and seamless. It also means that there’s no unnecessarily pulling and tugging in the back. Not only does it look good, but it’s also more comfortable and easier on your back.

Brallelujah by Spanx: Best Bra For Back Fat

Smooth Back: Because this bra closes in the front, the back is 100% smooth. Spanx designed this one to have a wide band. The wider the band, the less bulging in the back. Also keep in mind that the material used is stretchy and supple, perfect to minimize any bulging.

Large Straps: The straps are wide for extra comfort and to minimize any spillage. Because you’re getting a fully smooth look, the straps are not adjustable. However they’re very elastic and should fit most women.

Note: The straps are not adjustable. If you’re a tall lady, this bra might not be for you, so please look at more options below. If you’re 5’9″ or under, it should fit perfectly.


  • The most comfortable bra ever…now with soft-touch fabric inside and outside the cup
  • All-hosiery back keeps you smooth—Bye bye, back fat!
  • Naturally adjusting hosiery straps won’t dig in
  • Front-closure design eliminates uncomfortable metal hooks
  • Underwire offers uplifting support while unique channel prevents peeking or prodding
  • As seen in People Style Watch and on The Today Show!
  • 91% Nylon, 9% Spandex

Below you can see a regular bra (left) vs. the Bra-llelujah (right).


The Brallalujah by Spanx is available in standard sizes. Cups go from A to DD. Band goes from 32 to 38. It fits true to size, and keep in mind that the sizing is in US.

If you’re bigger than a DD cup, I have some options for you as well! Please take a look at my other suggestions below, which are just as great for big busts.

Brallelujah by Spanx: Best Bra For Back Fat

Where To Buy

You can buy the Brallelujah on Amazon. The price will depend on your size, so click here to check the price.

Big Bust Option: Wacoal Basic Beauty Bra

For those with large breasts, Wacoal makes a great bra for back smoothing. It’s called the Basic Beauty Contour T-Shirt bra.

Essentially, its shape is perfect for minimizing bulges in the back, and it has a 3-hook closure with a wide band. This bra also looks seamless under any clothes and is super comfy.



  • Achieve great support in this underwire T-shirt bra
  • Prevent show-through with seamless spacer-lined cups
  • Spacer fabric gives opacity like foam minus the weight
  • Exceptional support added due to built-in inner slings
  • Minimize bulge with smoothing wings and back
  • End strap slipping with adjustable, close-set straps
  • Triple back hook-and-eye closure
  • Fully-adjustable straps
  • Breathable spacer cups and stretch microfiber


The cup size goes from C to G. The band starts at 30 and goes up to 44. Note that the band runs loose. You might need to size down in the band, and size up in the cup.

Where To Buy

The Wacoal Basic Beauty Contour T-Shirt bra is available on Amazon. Its retail price is $55, but the prices vary based on site. Click here to check the current price.

3 Tips To Minimize Back Fat

Even the best bra might not give you a completely smooth look. Make sure to follow these tips and you’ll look flawless, I promise.

Wear A Cami

The best solution to this issue is to wear a camisole such as this under your shirt. I especially love that one because the whole back is covered, meaning your whole back stays smooth. Most camis cut below your shoulderblades and create a bulge.

Scoop And Swoop

Scooping and swooping means ensuring that your breast are well encapsulated by the cups of your bra. No breast tissue should be squished around the cups! If your breast tissue is where it should be, your bra will fit better, and you’ll have less issues with fat distribution. And this goes without saying, but make sure you’re wearing the correct bra size!

Go For Longlines

A longline bra has a wide band. The more coverage the band has on your back, the better it sucks you in and minimizes back fat. Choose bras that have at least 3-hook closures, like the options above. Some even have up to 6 hooks, so the more the merrier.

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