Finding the perfect bra for your backless dress depends on two things.

The first one is: Exactly how low is the back of your dress? If it’s lower than where a regular bra usually sits by a few inches, meaning it’s a low-back dress, scroll down to option 1 or 2. Can we almost see your butt-crack? If the answer is yes, then we’re dealing with a completely backless dress; you’re going to want to go with option 3.

The second important thing to consider is how much support you need. If you want to wear a fully backless dress and want a lot of support from your bra, your options will be more limited and you might have to look into using the taping method. If not, the NuBra (mentioned in option 3) is perfect and highly recommended.

What Not to Buy

Before I begin, let me tell you what doesn’t work.

If you’re considering “breast lift tape”, the kind you glue on to your boobs to create a lift such as these, don’t waste your time and money! It’s a complete joke and only works in theory.

Another thing not to buy if you have larger breasts is a backless bra with adhesive on the sides, for example this one. Most of these models I’ve seen don’t offer the support they claim to, and the adhesives are way too weak or fall off when sweating.

Option 1: A Low Back Bra Converter

This is a bra extension you can snap to any bra you already own. It lowers the back of your bra just enough so you can wear a backless dress while still keeping all the advantages of a regular bra.

The downside? Although it’s adjustable, it only comes in one size, and it won’t work if your dress has a very low back. You can buy it here for cheap.



  • You get to keep all the advantages and support of your bra.
  • Inexpensive.


  • If your dress has a very low back, forget it.
  • Might drag your boobs down a bit.

Option 2: A Low Back Strapless Bra or Bustier

If you’re looking for a serious bra that’s made specifically for wearing with a low-back dress, this is what you need.

Low back strapless bras either come in a longline or a bustier. The reason why I’m recommending a longline bra over anything else is because it works just as well for those of us with larger breasts as it does for smaller breasts.




Because this type of bra is specifically made for wearing with strapless dresses, it provides great support and flatters your shape better than any other option. It’s more pricey, but great quality and really long-lasting! You’re also be able to wear it with any strapless dress. Unless the dress you’re going to wear has a super-low back, I’d go with one of these bras:


  • The most support.
  • Perfect for low-back and very low-back dresses.
  • High quality & long-lasting.
  • Perfect for larger breasts, especially the Wacoal.
  • Comfortable.


  • Not suited for completely backless dresses.
  • Higher price point.

Option 3: The NuBra

The NuBra is a strapless, backless adhesive bra. You might have heard of it being referred to as “sticky boobs” because each cup has a sticky film on the inside.

The way this works is that you “glue” the sticky part, molding your boobs, and snap the cups together. This creates cleavage and gives the illusion of wearing a push-up bra – watch the video below for a quick demo!

Be warned that you’ll be getting little to no support, and this might not be the best option for those with larger breasts. That being said, the NuBra works great and lasts all day. Make sure your skin is squaky-clean and don’t use moisturizer for maximum stickiness.


  • Works with any backless dress, no matter how low.
  • Works with strapless dresses as a bonus.
  • Gives fantastic cleavage.
  • Great nipple coverage and maintains everything in place.


  • No support.

Option 4: Boob Tape

If none of these options are working out for you and you want to wear a completely backless bra while still getting support from your bra, boob tape is your best friend. Click here to read my boob tape guide and learn how to do it step-by-step!

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