Back pain and poor posture is the number one reported issue from women with large breasts. Large breasts are heavy! Because of this, they can literally weigh you down and make you slouch if they’re too heavy for your body to support. This leads to slouching and poor posture. If you have a desk job or you’re sitting for long periods of time every day, your posture might be suffering even more. This is when a posture bra might be a miracle garment and dramatically increase your quality of life!

What’s a Posture Bra?

A posture bra is designed to better support the breasts while removing any tension on your back, shoulders, and neck. It achieves this by having a large, supportive band as well as a tension-relieving back. This means that it’s the band and the back of the bra that support your breasts; not your body, not your shoulders, and not your back!

A posture bra therefore ensures that the bra’s straps don’t pull at all on your shoulders, and that the weight of your breasts is distributed evenly. When wearing a posture bra, you’ll find it easier to stand up straight and won’t be weighed down by your breasts.

There are many models of posture bras, but they often share posture-improving features such as a racerback, a front closure, thick straps, and separated cups. Posture bras are also generally longline bras: the more support from the band, the better.


Who Should Wear a Posture Bra?

If you recognize yourself in one or more of the following cases, a posture bra might be right for you.

1. You have large breasts.

Having large or heavy breasts often means you need extra support to balance out your body. You don’t necessarily need to have huge breasts for this to affect your body! It’s possible that you still require a posture bra if you don’t have large breasts if you have one of the following issues…

2. You have poor posture or slouch.

This can often be a direct result of having heavy breasts without the proper bra. If your breasts are preventing you from standing up straight all of the time, it’s a huge tell that you need a posture bra.

3. You suffer from back, shoulder, or neck pain.

Your back hurts chronically or you have neck and shoulder pain which you can attribute to your large breasts or poor posture. If this is the case, you’ve already reached a point where having an improper bra is taking its toll. Your body is telling you something important! It’s not too late to find a good posture bra and make the switch.

4. You sit at a desk or stand for long periods of time.

This especially applies to women who have desk jobs. If you sit at your desk all day long, slouching because your bra isn’t providing you the front and back support you need, consider a posture bra. This also applies to those that have to stand up for long periods of time, or that have physically challenging jobs.

5. You have muscle tension headaches.

A posture bra is specifically designed to relieve tension. If you suffer from headaches due to muscle tension, this might be the pain relief you need.

When Should I Wear a Posture Bra?

If you suffer from daily pain or discomfort that’s causes by your heavy breasts, it’s perfectly fine to wear a posture bra every day. However if your issues come and go, you might only need to wear a posture bra on trigger days, meaning for occasions where you’ll need more comfort and support in order to prevent back pain or poor posture. This can include desk work, light exercise, physically challenging tasks, cooking for long periods of time, and gardening.

However, for working out or exercising, wearing a Sports Bra might be a better choice. Sports bras are often similar to posture bras in terms of construction, but they’re a lot more breathable and sturdy. They also reduce jiggle and bounce, which a posture won’t do. So remember: posture bras are for everyday activities and light exercise, and sports bras are for working out!


Which Posture Bra Should I Buy?

The best posture bra in my opinion is the one above.

It’s called the the MagicLift by Glamorise. It has all the characteristics that make for a great posture bra, it’s moderately-priced, and it’s durable. The front hook closure is awesome: it has a total of 5 hooks in the front! The design of this bra works amazingly to support the breasts and relieve back and shoulder tension.

And it really helps that it’s not only functional, but also attractive-looking — many posture bras don’t look as great as this one!

If the MagicLift doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, you can always use the guidelines below to find something that works for you!

What Characteristics To Look For

There are various types and models of “posture bras”. I say “posture bras” because not all of these bras that contain the word “posture” are truly beneficial. Here are a few things you should look for!

1. Separated Cups


Your breasts will never be properly supported if the bra doesn’t have separated cup that encapsulate each breasts. I seriously can’t believe that there are “posture bras” out there that squish your breasts into a uniboob and claim to improve posture!

In the picture above, both of these posture bras have a front closure, which is great! They also provide plenty of support and have thick straps. You can’t see the backs here, but both of their backs have  a nice, supportive cross-back.

Do you see how the bra on the left squishes the breasts into one giant lump of flesh, without shaping them? This is not neither supportive nor comfortable! Now take a look at the bra on the right. Notice how both of the breasts are individually supported, and how the center gore lays flat on the chest? This is an example of a great posture bra.

This particular model (on the right) is called the MagicLift Posture Support Bra by Glamorise — buy it here.

2. A High Racerback


Posture bras should always have a crossback design, which is an important part of what relieves the tension. However, the crossback won’t have nearly as much of a benefit if it sits low on your back! A high back with a racerback cut is what you should be looking for.

With its crossback, the left bra is trying really hard to pose for a “posture bra”, when in reality it fits very close to a tradition bra. Because the crossback is so low, the tension from your upper isn’t relieved. This makes it way harder to stand up straight, meaning there’s no improvement in posture from the bra.

The bra on the right has the right idea in terms of crossback placement. Note however that it’s not hitting all the marks for a perfect posture bra.

3. A Front Closure


A front hook relieves tension much better than a back hook, because a back hook means that all the weight from your breasts is supporting by your back. Most postures bras have a front closure for this reason, but always make sure!

The bra on the left is a beautiful “posture support bra” with a full back (see here) but it still has a back closure.  Even if its back is wide and relieves some tension, a much better option would be the bra on the right, which not only has a front closure, but the closure has 4 hooks! A much better weight distribution. This bra model is the Front Hook Posture Bra by Elila.

In Conclusion

If you’re experiencing back pain, shoulder tension, and poor posture, a posture bra can do wonders to fix all these issues. Be sure to pick the right posture bra by checking my tips above.

The posture bra I recommend is the MagicLift by Glamorise.

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  • Good day.
    I would like to know where I can purchase bra a “high back racer” and a “separated bra”

    I live in South Africa in the Eastern Cape.

    What is the cost?

    I usually wear an 40C bra.

    Kind regards

      1. I’ve looked and looked and looked. I’m 32J myself, panache. They don’t make them. Which is ridiculous because G+ sizes need them more an a DD. All you can do is let the manufactures know there is a market for it.

  • I am looking for a bra with good back support (I have constant back & shoulder pain), but I do not have large breasts and I have a definite cup size difference between them. I will need some padding in the front. Also, everything I have tried so far is cut too high under the arms and is extremely uncomfortable. Is there such a creature out there anywhere?

  • I have muscle guarding problems due from a car accident, in my neck ,shoulders, lower back, could you please recommended the Right bra or brace for me,

  • I have chronic back pain and I’m looking for a 42c bra with good back support. I don’t want my breasts to sag but I don’t suffer from back pain either. Any ideas?

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