Finding the best sports bra for you shouldn’t be a challenge, but it is!

Most of us buy the wrong type of sports bra for one simple reason: there are too many compression bras on the market. While there’s an overabundance of compression bras, they’re not the best for your breasts unless your chest is completely flat.

Find out how to pick a good sports bra, and keep reading for my recommendations.

Compression vs. Encapsulation

These are the 2 types of sports bras available on the market.

A compression bra compresses your entire chest firmly against your body, while an encapsulation bra encapsulates each individual breast with the use of 2 molded cups.

This is why a compression bra isn’t ideal in most cases, even though they’re the most common type of sports bra: compression bras squish your boobs without shaping them, resulting in discomfort and a potential uniboob.

Whether or not this is a problem for you, definitely look for encapsulation bras, as they’re better and more comfy without sacrificing any support.


Why You Don’t Need a Nike Sports Bra

You might be thinking that sports brands such as Nike or Lulumon make the most effective bras for exercising, but this is wrong. The reality is that companies specializing in bras make the best sports bras!

Not only are many of Nike’s bras compression bras, but they can also be highly overpriced and lacking quality. Bras made by sports brands tend to focus on  looks and colors rather than structure and support.

Invest in a specialty sports bra by a brand like Panache, Freya, or  Shock Absorber; you’ll be happy with it and it will last you forever!

Make Sure Your Sports Bra Fits

You’ll want to make sure that you’ve properly measured yourself and know your correct bra size, or your sports bra just won’t fit properly. Remember that it’s just as important to have a proper fit in a sports bra than it is in a regular bra, or you won’t be comfortable while working out.

There should be no spill; if your breasts are spilling out, including at the armpits, your bra isn’t fitting properly. Also, sports bras generally tend to have a tighter fit around the band so keep in mind you might have to size up!

If you want more room to breathe, don’t hesitate to go one band size up (but remember to size down on the cup if you do this). None of the models I mention here should allow any issues (such as jiggle and bounce) if they fit properly.


The Best Overall Sports Bra For D+ Cups

The Panache Underwired Sports Bra is simply the best padded sports bra available on the market, and will provide an ideal, comfortable fit for larger breasts (starting at a D cup).

The whole structure of this bra is amazing for support, and the wide straps are not only adjustable but also convertible: you can snap them to instantly create a racerback, providing extra support to your chest and making it easier on your back.

It’s available in plain black and plain white, but also in various colors and patterns. The size range is also the biggest of the models I’ve mentioned: band sizes vary from 28 to 40, and cups from D to H. If you’re going to buy one good sports bra, whether it’s for the gym, yoga, or whatever exercise you’re into, this should be it!


Runner Up!

If you’re a runner or you’re looking for a bra that’s specifically made for high-impact sports and serious exercising, Shock Absorber’s Ultimate Run Bra is what you want.

It’s the best bra for running for a reason: it provides maximum support, it’s breathable, prevents chafing, doesn’t allow room for jiggle, and the straps are non-slip. It also has a fantastic racerback for a comfortable fit with adjustable straps.

It snaps at the back, meaning that you can put it on and take it off easily (no matter how sweaty you are). It comes in a wide size range: the band ranges from 30 to 40 and cups from A to F. You might want to size up.


Perfect For Bigger Busts

Freya’s Active Underwire Sports Bra is also one of the the best sports bra for large breasts that I’ve found, and it goes up to an K cup.

It’s going to provide maximum support and give you a comfortable fit and lift by encapsulating both breasts, eliminating any risk of squishing. The curvature of the underwire is wider in order to better accommodate large breasts, and the straps are wide as well.

It’s available in cup sizes D to K and band sizes ranging from 28 to 38.

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  • Awesome!! 🙂 One edit is that you should add a disclaimer saying that the models in the Panache and Freya images are wearing bands that are too large for them, and wearing a bra on the tightest hook when you first get it is an indication of this.
    Thank you, will definitely be linking people to this!

    1. Definitely agree with this! SO often do we see photoshoot models wearing bands that are too large and/or cups that are too small! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  • I have been to every major store to be measured, most of the time I get someone who says they have never seen breast my size and scrutinize me. I would love to have a magazine or a link sent to me so I can see difference styles and colors.

    Thank you,


  • I have a confusion about choosing the bra that fits my breast size. thanks for dropping this in. Guided me to buy a bra that fits me. ThankYou 🙂

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