A plunge bra is ideal to wear with a low-cut dress or deep V-neck shirt, but it’s not limited to that! It’s a great option when you want to enhance your cleavage without it looking like you’re even wearing a bra.

What’s a Plunge Bra?

A plunge bra is a bra that doesn’t show when you’re wearing a low-cut shirt or dress.

This means that the cups won’t peek through your shirt, no matter how much skin you’re showing.

In addition to this, plunge bras are often designed to enhance cleavege. A U-plunge push-up bra is not uncommon!


What’s a Deep Plunge Bra?

A deep plunge bra (or U-plunge bra) is simply a plunge bra with a deeper plunge!

The front of the bra will form a “U” shape, hence the name, and expose more skin. This means that you can wear it with tops and dresses that are super low-cut, and it still won’t look like you’re wearing a bra.

Some dresses have very low plunge necklines and go all the way down to the sternum. This is when a deep plunge bra is necessary.

Why Wear a Plunge Bra?

You can wear a plunge bra under a low-cut shirt or dress in order to hide your bra completely.

You can also wear a plunge bra if you want amazing cleavage, as a U-Plunge push-up bra will bring quite some oomph.

Because of this, a plunge bra isn’t limited to wearing under a low-cut or v-neck shirt. You can wear a plunge bra under a shirt with somewhat low neckline to enhance your shape as well!

The Best Plunge Bra For Your Size


What’s totally genius about the Natori Feathers (amazon.com) is that every singe woman can wear it and get a great fit, no matter her size or breast shape. The lace trim ensures that there will be absolutely no spillage or quadriboob under your shirt. The bra will not show at all, in any way, which is exactly what we should expect from a great plunge bra, right?


  • Works for all boob shapes.
  • Wide selection of sizes.
  • This means it’s great for busty ladies!
  • Available in a million colors. Really, about 25!


The Freya Deco (amazon.com) is great for those with larger breasts, as it’s available for D-ups and up. Its construction is flawless and it’s very supportive, since it’s made specifically to support bigger boobs. It gives a good lift and enhances cleavage nicely!


  • Made for D cups and up.
  • Enhances cleavage.
  • Perfect for any occasion.


The Le Mystere Infinite Possibilities (lemystere.com) bra is particularly nice because it’s the most versatible of the bunch. It’s a convertible plunge bra! Not only that, but it has several settings for the hooks. I particularly love the one pictured above because it balances the weight. It’s the most comfortable push-up plunge bra you could ask for.


  • It’s convertible!
  • Sizes go up to a G cup.
  • Super sexy.
  • Ideal to wear with that perfect dress.


This is the best deep plunge bra out there, and it has a surprisingly decent price tag. If you have a very low-cut dress and you’re shopping for a bra to wear with it, consider the Sexy V-Shape Push-Up Deep Plunge Bra by Fullness (amazon.com). This is a true U-plunge with a bit of a push-up. However, keep in mind that it’s not padded. It works flawlessly for smaller sizes, but those with larger breasts (up to a D cup) can give it a try as well.


I hope this guide has helped you find a great plunge or deep plunge bra for your special occasion!

Take a look at our guide to Low-Back and Backless Bras as well!

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