After your mastectomy, you want to look for a bra that’s light, comfortable and has no underwire. It’s important to make sure not to put too much pressure on your chest, especially near your underarms. There’s a number of speciality post mastectomy bras available on the market for most budgets. I’ve included the 10 absolute best below, as well as a little buyer’s guide.

Breast Prosthesis: The Best Option

Breast forms are available and can even be purchased online. They typically come in number sizes (from 1 to 12), not cup sizes. If you’ve had a double mastectomy, you’re free to choose any size of breast forms you want. If you’ve always wanted big boobs, then by all means, go for them!

However if you’ve had a single mastectomy, you’re going to want to match the breast form to your existing breast size. You might consider getting fitted for a breast form. This is a service offered by some retailers such as Nordstrom.

Amoena Breast Prosthesis

A good breast form is expensive. Amoeba is THE brand to look for not only for breast form but also for post mastectomy bras and camis. It’s their specialty and they provide high-quality solutions. They have several high-quality breast forms, and their most popular model can be found here.


Braza Breast Inserts: The Alternative

A less expensive alternative is a breast insert, which you simply slip into your bra. All the post mastectomy bras below have built-in pockets, allowing you to easily slip your breast insert inside and secure it. It can also be sewn into a bra or swimsuit. This is not a prosthesis, but some of you will find this to be the most convenient option. Check out the Braza Mastectomy Breast Form and take a look at their size chart graph to determine your size.


Amoena Adhesive Nipples

Another fantastic product by Amoena that needs to be mentioned is their adhesive nipples. They look very real, feel real, and they’re available in several skin tones from Ivory to Tawny. They’re also available in three areola sizes. These nipples are really great quality and highly recommended!

All About Buying A Mastectomy Bra

Tightness & Underwires

The first issue with typical bras after you’ve had your surgery is tightness. You want to avoid anything tight around your chest area, especially near your underarm. You can even go a band size up when purchasing your post-mastectomy bra. Also, underwires are usually not recommended, nor are they comfortable. Try to go for wireless bras.

How To Measure

When measuring yourself for a bra, things aren’t going to be much different if you already have a prosthesis. Go braless and measure yourself normally. If you don’t have a prosthesis, you’ll want to hold the tape loosely and estimate where the prosthesis would fall. Measure all the way around the space.

Go With Amoena

Amoena is the leading breast care brand. When it comes to post mastectomy bras, they’ve got your back. A few brands offer these bras, but there are several reasons why I would recommend you go with Amoena:

  • They offer high-quality products.
  • They have a ton of bra models!
  • They offer a wide range of sizes.
  • Many of their bras look just as beautiful as the prettiest non-surgical bras.

That being said, I’m going to offer you a few models to look at from other brands which I think are also worth it. You’ll be the final judge.

The 10 Best Post Mastectomy Bras


Buy: (click for price) ($39)

32AA to 42D.

Why it’s great:
Seamless look under shirts.
Breathable and absorbant fabric.


Buy: (click for price) ($59)

32A to 42D.

Why it’s great:
Super pretty and feminine!
Supportive yet comfortable fit.


Buy: (click for price) ($45)

XS to 4XL in A/B or C/D cups.

Why it’s great:
Highly comfortable.
Great bra for wearing immediately after surgery.
Front-closure (straps are also adjustable from the front).


Buy: (click for price) ($32)

34A to 46DD.

Why it’s great:
Available in bigger band sizes (up to 46).
Breathable material and Coolmax® pockets.


Buy: (click for price)

34A to 40DD.

Why it’s great:
The sexiest post-mastectomy bra.


Buy: (click for price)

32A to 42DD.

Why it’s great:
Seamless look with beautiful lace detail.
Great support.


Buy: (click for price) ($54)

34B to 48DDD.

Why it’s great:
Big size range, up to 48 band and DDD cup.
Back smoothing design to eliminate back fat.
Comfortable, supportive.


Buy: (click for price)

34B to 38D.

Why it’s great:
Longline for extra comfort.
Front closure.
Breathable material.

Post-Mastectomy Sports Bras

If you’re looking for a great post-mastectomy sports bra, these are the 2 models you should check out. For smaller breasts, I recommend the Amoena Performance Sports Bra. If you have larger breasts, I’d suggest looking into the Amoena “Move” Sports Bra. Both are linked below.


Buy: (click for price) ($51)

32AA to 42DD.

Why it’s great:
Perfect for smaller breasts.
Wire-free yet very supportive.
Great for jogging.


Buy: (click for price)

32AA to 40C.

Why it’s great:
Perfect for bigger cup sizes.
Encapsulates each breast for better support.
Convertible to a racerback.

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