We’ve already gone over shallow breasts in the Guide To Breast Shapes, and this post is meant specifically for those who have shallow breasts (or who suspect that they might).

Here, you’ll be able to determine whether or not you have shallow breasts, and you’ll also be able to choose from a variety of bras that work best with this shape.

What are shallow breasts?

Shallow breasts are spread out all over your chest, and they’re opposite to projected breasts, which pop out or protrude forward. Unlike projected breasts, shallow breasts have little horizontal depth.

You may have shallow breasts if you feel that your breasts are close to your chest, and seem to start higher on your chest as well. Because of this, you might feel that you can get away with not wearing a bra.

Viewed from the side, shallow breasts stay close to the torso. They also look as though they start higher on your chest, since they’re more spread out.

What sizes are shallow breasts?

Shallow breasts typically come in smaller cup sizes (generally A through E). That being said, some ladies with big busts also have shallow breasts.

It’s important however not to confuse shallow breasts with “small breasts”. Shallowness refers to the shape, and not the size.

I’d also like to note that many women with shallow breasts might feel they’re a smaller size than they actually are. This is because the breast tissue is more spread out, and gives the illusion of less volume.

How do you find the right bra?

Because of all the reasons above, finding a bra that fits your shallow breasts well can be tricky.

If you have shallow breasts, you might find it difficult to find your true bra size. As long as you don’t try on a bra that fits you properly, you might feel that every bra is too big, since you can’t fill out the whole cup.

This makes bra-fitting a challence for those with shallow breasts, but there are some simple rules you can follow to make shopping for bras easier.

  • Go for bras that are open on top. Since the cup won’t dig into your breast tissue, this will prevent quadboob.
  • Balconettes are among the best bras for shallow breasts.
  • Alternatively, you can also look for tall cups that aren’t deep.
  • Look for bras with no horizontal seams. Horizontal seams translate to more projection, and you might not be able to fill the cups.
  • Try padded bras to see if they work for you. The padding often works to fill the cup where shallow breasts can’t reach.
  • Push-up bras on the other hand might not be your best bet for a natural look. Because your breast tissue already starts high on your chest, push-ups might look very unnatural.
  • Plunge bras should also generally be avoided if they give you the shape you’re not looking for.

Which specific bras work best?

Since shallow breasts come in various types, not all bras will fit everyone. The best way of finding your perfect bra is to follow the tips above. However, the following bras are a great place to start trying on models that have high chances of working.

Example 1: Ciao Bella by B Tempt’d


Above is the Ciao Bella Balconette bra by B Tempt’d. It follows those rules to the tee: it’s a balconette shape, has an open top, and has no horizontal seams. This bra has wide wires which works best with wide roots, and it’s also slightly padded.

Size range: 30-38 A-DDD.

Example 2: Juna by Cleo


This is another balconette with similar characteristics as the Ciao Bella. It has vertical seams with no horizontal seams, except it doesn’t have any padding. The construction is sturdy and it’s meant for bigger busts, as it only comes in cup sizes D and up.

Size range: 28-38 D-H.

Example 3: Feathers by Natori


If you want something that isn’t a balconette bra, this Feathers Contour Plunge bra might work with your shallow breasts. The reason being the very high cups with no horizontal seams. The underwires are wide, making this bra a good options for those with wide roots.

Size range: 30-38 A-DDD.

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