A t-shirt bra is one of my everyday staples.

I love bras with a lot of detail and lace, but they’re not always practical. When wearing a t-shirt or a tight shirt, one of my “pretty” bras just won’t do. To create a smooth, seamless effect under my shirt, I need a t-shirt bra!

What’s a t-shirt bra?

A t-shirt bra should look totally invisible under clothes, no matter what you’re wearing. Whether you’re wearing a loose t-shirt or a tight tank top, your t-shirt bra should not leave any lines. That’s the whole point!

What t-shirt bra to look for?

Besides the totally seamless look? Comfort, comfort, comfort! Don’t settle for anything less than comfortable! If you’re like me, you’re going to be wearing t-shirt bras most of the week. Don’t skimp on quality!


Here are the top picks!

I’ve noticed that many companies tend to name their bras “t-shirt bras” when they’re really not.

If you want a seamless look under your clothes, don’t just go by what a bra is called! Trust me, many just don’t completely disappear under your t-shirt.

As a general rule of thumb, look at the bra and use common sense. If it has some detail, it’s going to show under a tight shirt! Here are what I consider some of the best t-shirt bras of 2017.


This one’s a great all-around t-shirt bra. If you’re a standard size or if your breasts are on the smaller side, it’s going to provide great comfort and support. It’s however not available in a hude range of sizes, which is its only downside. Keep in mind that it’s also convertible, which means you can wear it with racerback tops and tanks. Score!


34B to 40DD.

Amazon.com (click for price)

This is another good pick for those with smaller breasts. It gives a seamless look and fits comfortable. Again, Warner’s bras are typically not available in the biggest range of sizes, which is a negative. This one isn’t convertible like the Barely There bra above, but it’s just as supportive and comfy. It’s also available in a TON of beautiful colors. It’s so comfy and inexpensive that you can get it in multiple colors!


30A to 38DDD.

Amazon.com (click for price)
Journelle.com ($64) Free Shipping + Free Returns

This is my top pick for those with small to medium-sized breasts. The quality of Natori bras is amazing and they last a long time! This t-shirt bra is totally seamless, supportive, and comfortable. The straps are thin, so make sure you’re getting your true size (again, if you’re able to fit your whole fist under the back of your bra, size down in the band and up in the cup!). Many fabulous colors to choose from!


32B to 40DDD.

Amazon.com (click for price)

If the Natori bra above is more suited for small to medium breasts, this one’s perfect for larger-busted ladies! The cups go all the way up to a DDD. It has more support while remaining totally comfortable, and it shows no seams under the tightest shirts. If you’re a bigger cup and want a comfy t-shirt bra, this is one your top choices!


30C to 44H.

Amazon.com (click for price)
LeMystere.com ($69) Free Shipping + 10% Off With E-Mail Signup
HerRoom.com ($69)

Those with bigger breasts will love this one. Not only is it available in bigger cup sizes (all the way up to H) and plus sizes (up to a 44 band), but it’s specifically tailored for bigger breasts. What it does is eliminate bounce and provide great support. It also looks like a wire-free bra on the outside as it’s completely smooth and seamless, but it does have hidden underwire for ultimate support. This means that it practically disappears under any top or dress. Two thumbs up!


28D to 38G.

HerRoom.com ($56)

Another super awesome bra for anyone who’s looking for a great, supportive, comfortable, t-shirt bra that looks invisible under clothing. This one’s especially great for those that have fuller breasts or breasts that tend to extend outwards. The fit will hold your boobs front and center while giving you a slimmer silhouette. It also lifts and separates extremely well. What’s not to love?

I hope this list has been helpful no matter your size! Don’t forget to take a look at my Push-Up Bra Guide for more amazing bra models!

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